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Hello and Welcome to my clothing website. My name is Leroy Mcfadden I am the owner and CEO of the EVR1 product. EVR1 stands for (Every1 Vs Racism). My goal is to bring more awareness to the ongoing racial issues that we all as humans are going through. One of the reasons I have chosen to get into the clothing part of this fight is because we as people are seen everyday by other people. Clothing is an attention grabber and hopefully that when everyone sees my brand, that they really open their eyes and see the true cause behind the brand. A percentage of every item sold on my page along with any help and or donations that we receive, I am hoping every month to be in a position to pay someone's rent for up to 3 months. In these time we can all use A helping hand and with this I am hoping is the true start to something that will not only teach people that we can all be kind to one another no matter what ethnicity we are but to also create a path so that our youth today can follow and see that not every hand you hold or person that stand next to you are the same color but are all seeking the same answer. (HOPE!!!)  So I thank you in advance for shopping and or making any type of donation that you can or even just taking the time out of your day to read this and see what EVR1 is all about. Thank you for your time God Bless All.    
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